Human beings are full of desire. This desire is ranged from desire centralized over their own selves to desire centralized on things around them. Most of the time these desires build up into fantasies which is just an idea of their desire. Most people fantasize over things that they want or even need and they will do everything to make that idea or fantasy happen.

Examples of common fantasies are;

kissing in the park with a loved one,

having a flawless skin,

getting married and having two kids a dog and a beautiful house,

sending an sms with your new mobile phone on the bed to your boyfriend or loved one,

being a very influential person who controls major decisions in large communities

and many more just to say the least.

This fantasy is a major source of motivation to most people and it is amazing how far human beings will go to accomplish or make happen these fantasies. They are ready to pay large sums of money and they are ready to sacrifice lots of things for them to be pulled as close to this fantasy as possible, eventhough they know in the most deep part of their brains that they will never have a grip on that fantasy or it may never be as overwhelming as they had imagined it to be.

Life to most people is all about fantasies, people fantasize over being pretty and influential, they fantasize over having stunning grades in school to earn peoples respect and have a bigger chance of making another fantasy which is having a better future, they fantasize over gaining an outstanding market share and being the leaders in their industry which leads to other fantasies of power.

Most people know their fantasies and the wise ones know they have to make it happen while the others just expect it to happen. sometimes for those two people, it happens and they both get satisfied, but we all know that the probability for an egg to get into your hands by rolling into your hands is slimmer than that when you grab the egg by yourself.

What is your fantasy? Have u done enough to make it happen?

Grab your fantasy by the hand and make it happen!


~ by darkcoast on February 18, 2010.

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