Mobile phones

The telephone is a device used to transmit and receive sounds.  The telephone was invented in the year of March 10, 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell.  Bell had been working on an idea that could transmit sound to a different place since the age of 18.  Bell had spilt an acid on him and was asking if his assistant, Thomas Watson, could come and help him clean it off. The first clear message through the telephone was: “Mr. Watson, come here I want you.” After that, Bell had his invention patented. Many inventors tried to claim the title of inventor of the telephone. In fact, there were lawsuits about who actually invented it.  His claim for inventing it was defended over six hundred times until the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in his favor.

The picture of one of the first phones completely created:


Today, there are many types of telephones. They come in unbelievable small sizes. The most popular telephones of today are the cellular phones. They can do remarkable things.  You can pick up the radio or even check your email on phones today. These mobile phones are made by various companies and also have different functions.

one of the popular companies producing mobile phones is NOKIA.

NOKIA started with very big and unsuffisticated phones which were merely used for calling and receiving.


But later with time they came up with new phones, with various shapes, and many suffisticated functions. These functions may be; GPS, wireless internet, cameras, mp3 player, television viewing, infrared ports, bluetooth devices and many more functions.

These phones with all these phones are not more simply called phones but smartphones. virtually it is seen that with time, phones are not more simply used for talking and listening but other various suffisticated functions partaining to advanced computers.

An example of a nokia smartphone;


With all this evolution in technology i am tempted to say that mobile phones will not be ”mobile phones” but mini computers.


~ by darkcoast on November 28, 2008.

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  1. Nice and clear telephone history, I like it

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