Facebook is an international social networking website whose use is generally in expanding communicative networks worldwide.The website’s name refers to the paper facebooks depicting members of a campus community that some US colleges and preparatory schools give to incoming students, faculty, and staff as a way to get to know other people on campus.

There are approximately over 100 million users registered on this site and there are millions of people who connect on facebook everyday.

These people may be; students, workers, and people who have no profession but want to keep connected with people in the world or want to get to know more people.

One can get to know a little about who people are or what people think they are by viewing the persons profile, which is a page which contains personal informaton filled in by the person including the persons pictures.

An example of a profile is shown below:


This site has many features , which are highly appreciated by its users like;

– the ability to join groups

– watching favourite tv programs

– connecting to a community of people

and various other features.

But besides all this, the main use is in communication.

Here is a short video representing the methods of communciation of facebook.

This video actually shows a very hilaric but this is mostly how communication takes place in facebook.

But i tend to ask myself if this actually helps communication amongst people or strains the easiness of normal day to day communication between individual.

It has been found that most people prefer to communicate in interactive virual worlds, than in normal life because of the lack of stress that they are not being seen and because they have enough time to think about what they want to talk about.

I think that facebook is in a way similar to this interactive virtual worlds in the sense that people turn to say what they feel or say who they feel they truely are on this kind of interactive sites than in real life, but different for the fact that one cannot do everything that he wants to, and cannot exploit all fantasies.

But as any other human made thing, it should have its disadvantages and advantages. so eventhough it might  limit the normal face to face communication,but, on a larger view, it expands networks and makes people to get to know a little or almost the basics about more people in the world





~ by darkcoast on November 28, 2008.

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