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Facebook is an international social networking website whose use is generally in expanding communicative networks worldwide.The website’s name refers to the paper facebooks depicting members of a campus community that some US colleges and preparatory schools give to incoming students, faculty, and staff as a way to get to know other people on campus.

There are approximately over 100 million users registered on this site and there are millions of people who connect on facebook everyday.

These people may be; students, workers, and people who have no profession but want to keep connected with people in the world or want to get to know more people.

One can get to know a little about who people are or what people think they are by viewing the persons profile, which is a page which contains personal informaton filled in by the person including the persons pictures.

An example of a profile is shown below:


This site has many features , which are highly appreciated by its users like;

– the ability to join groups

– watching favourite tv programs

– connecting to a community of people

and various other features.

But besides all this, the main use is in communication.

Here is a short video representing the methods of communciation of facebook.

This video actually shows a very hilaric but this is mostly how communication takes place in facebook.

But i tend to ask myself if this actually helps communication amongst people or strains the easiness of normal day to day communication between individual.

It has been found that most people prefer to communicate in interactive virual worlds, than in normal life because of the lack of stress that they are not being seen and because they have enough time to think about what they want to talk about.

I think that facebook is in a way similar to this interactive virtual worlds in the sense that people turn to say what they feel or say who they feel they truely are on this kind of interactive sites than in real life, but different for the fact that one cannot do everything that he wants to, and cannot exploit all fantasies.

But as any other human made thing, it should have its disadvantages and advantages. so eventhough it might  limit the normal face to face communication,but, on a larger view, it expands networks and makes people to get to know a little or almost the basics about more people in the world





People who think their votes alone are all that matter

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It Irritates me how some people could be so self absorbed in their opinions. They believe that just because They choose a political party, the world will change. It kind of makes me think of those people who think that there is no party without them.

NB: sorry for the Dutch, but I’m sure the big douche says it all!

End product fail

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Was Youtubing today like usually and saw this video which was related to one of the videos I had earlier watched from one of my favorite youtubers Jenna marbles. You probably know her from her hilarious video named: how to trick people into thinking you are good looking ( click on title to open video)

This video was like a spoof, or maybe more of a guys version of the video. Here is the link to the video.

Although I found it funny, I couldn’t help but think it was a little bit too similar to Jenna’s style. The energy, the editing and even the way he spoke were just too similar, except for the fact that it was a well developed gentleman. Nice video man but I just couldn’t help myself from being mean. I critiqued your end product and well, here Is what I thought…

Hope you take Critic well…


That Thing

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It walks, it bleeds

It sits in greed

In thoughts of deceit

It flies, it cries

It thinks, it fights

With hurt it lives

Its naked, it’s numb

It fakes, it hums

It loses its tongue

Like the wind it’s free

Like the water it’s gentle

Like the earth it’s rough

Above all odds,

It smiles, it cries

It jokes, it grieves

It loves, it hates

Whatever it is, it’s bound to linger on.


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Human beings are full of desire. This desire is ranged from desire centralized over their own selves to desire centralized on things around them. Most of the time these desires build up into fantasies which is just an idea of their desire. Most people fantasize over things that they want or even need and they will do everything to make that idea or fantasy happen.

Examples of common fantasies are;

kissing in the park with a loved one,

having a flawless skin,

getting married and having two kids a dog and a beautiful house,

sending an sms with your new mobile phone on the bed to your boyfriend or loved one,

being a very influential person who controls major decisions in large communities

and many more just to say the least.

This fantasy is a major source of motivation to most people and it is amazing how far human beings will go to accomplish or make happen these fantasies. They are ready to pay large sums of money and they are ready to sacrifice lots of things for them to be pulled as close to this fantasy as possible, eventhough they know in the most deep part of their brains that they will never have a grip on that fantasy or it may never be as overwhelming as they had imagined it to be.

Life to most people is all about fantasies, people fantasize over being pretty and influential, they fantasize over having stunning grades in school to earn peoples respect and have a bigger chance of making another fantasy which is having a better future, they fantasize over gaining an outstanding market share and being the leaders in their industry which leads to other fantasies of power.

Most people know their fantasies and the wise ones know they have to make it happen while the others just expect it to happen. sometimes for those two people, it happens and they both get satisfied, but we all know that the probability for an egg to get into your hands by rolling into your hands is slimmer than that when you grab the egg by yourself.

What is your fantasy? Have u done enough to make it happen?

Grab your fantasy by the hand and make it happen!

Mobile phones

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The telephone is a device used to transmit and receive sounds.  The telephone was invented in the year of March 10, 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell.  Bell had been working on an idea that could transmit sound to a different place since the age of 18.  Bell had spilt an acid on him and was asking if his assistant, Thomas Watson, could come and help him clean it off. The first clear message through the telephone was: “Mr. Watson, come here I want you.” After that, Bell had his invention patented. Many inventors tried to claim the title of inventor of the telephone. In fact, there were lawsuits about who actually invented it.  His claim for inventing it was defended over six hundred times until the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in his favor.

The picture of one of the first phones completely created:


Today, there are many types of telephones. They come in unbelievable small sizes. The most popular telephones of today are the cellular phones. They can do remarkable things.  You can pick up the radio or even check your email on phones today. These mobile phones are made by various companies and also have different functions.

one of the popular companies producing mobile phones is NOKIA.

NOKIA started with very big and unsuffisticated phones which were merely used for calling and receiving.


But later with time they came up with new phones, with various shapes, and many suffisticated functions. These functions may be; GPS, wireless internet, cameras, mp3 player, television viewing, infrared ports, bluetooth devices and many more functions.

These phones with all these phones are not more simply called phones but smartphones. virtually it is seen that with time, phones are not more simply used for talking and listening but other various suffisticated functions partaining to advanced computers.

An example of a nokia smartphone;


With all this evolution in technology i am tempted to say that mobile phones will not be ”mobile phones” but mini computers.




Hello world!

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